Monday, October 1, 2018

More zen-ful houses

I quite enjoyed CZT Eni Oken's lesson on zen-ful houses and have done a few more, this time stretching the boundaries somewhat!

A castle...

A night scene...

With a border of Seljuk...

Sort of Greek...

 An elaborate turret...

Books and scrolls. Where did that come from?
(c)2018 Margaret Bremner;
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  1. These are all so creative and fun, Margaret! Eni Oken has the gift of inspiring an artist to create drawings that she never knew she had in her!

  2. These are great and so fun! After your first post about this I went and downloaded the tutorial tried it myself!

  3. Your houses seem to flow so nicely. I have tried a few and it is hard for me to get past a more rigid look. Guess I have more need for structure than I thought. Will keep trying.

    1. I find they’re much more interesting if I respect many of the curves and bends offered by the string.

  4. I love these houses! I'm still playing with mine...
    Terri CZT16

  5. Every single one of these is absolutely remarkable!!! Your imagination, creativity and drawing skills amaze me every time, Margaret. Thank you so much for the inspiration I receive from every post!