Thursday, January 3, 2019

Hexes in my Book

In ongoing decluttering I found a small, square sketchbook from the two years I lived in China. I wasn't interested in keeping most of it but there was a page investigating triangles and hexagons. It's really amazing the variety of stars, boxes, snowflakes, cubes, diamonds, chevrons, tunnels and more that can be achieved with these simple repeating shapes. I glued the page into my Book and expanded onto the sides.

Opposite that page seemed perfect for another go at CZT Cherryl Moote's tangle Hexonu, a much more random (and zen!) version of hexagons. Done large, they can be filled with other tangles.


  1. Hexonu filled with tangles and drawn in a "flowing version" looks great!!!

  2. Some of the most fun I had doing things in a journal was "playing" with a shape and seeing what I could come up with. Love this. Will have to try this. Of course I like Tripoli also, so it fits right in.