Wednesday, March 6, 2019

For now

I have a short but complicated history with the phrase "for now".

Having inherited a four-level house and all its contents, plus things from another household - and we already had our own household! - we're constantly trying to decrease the amount of Stuff we have and I eventually became very irritated by how often I heard myself say "for now".
"We'll keep it for now."
"Let's leave it there for now."
"Put it downstairs for now."
"Leave it upstairs for now."
"It can go in the garage for now."
It seemed we weren't making any decisions and were keeping all the Stuff! It made me very cranky.

Then one day it struck me that everything is 'for now'. Nothing is forever. Everything changes. And that's fine. The phrase now reminds me of the impermanence of things. And that's good.

Because of its importance to me, I did a page in my Book with the phrase, using a stencil for the letters.
It's kind of the same philosophy as "This, too, shall pass." I think I'll do that phrase on another page.


  1. I can't imagine having that much stuff to go through. It appears that you are coping with it good, for now.

  2. Yes, yes, YES!! For now ... I have used that phrase WAY too many times over the years! I've recently discovered Marie Kondo and her "method" for paring down. I hope it works!

    I so love this page, the lettering style of the stencil as well as your very beautiful tangling. Would you bring your Book with you next week, please?? :)

    1. I have used Mari Kondo’s method and I think - for the most part - that it’s terrific. Good luck!

    2. PS - the Book is in my bag as we drive!

  3. Such true words Margaret. I find comfort in that sense of For Now. This house is mine for now, this planet is ours for now. It wasn't always, and won't always be. Appreciating the impermanence makes each day a little more precious and each loss a little easier to bear.

    Beautiful journal page too!