Thursday, November 21, 2019

What to do with a broken bracelet?

I had a thin copper bangle that had an accident and broke, curving in on itself a little. It struck me that it could be bent into a spiral so I got out the pliers and went at it. I quite like the irregularity of it. What a nice, arty shape to work with!

I centered it on an eco-dyed tile (3.5") and traced it. Then I traced four more behind, and added Pearlz, Doodah, and colored pencil shading.
Tangles: Doodah, Pearlz
I'd been playing with Well, Well, Who, but without the 'who' and liked the impression of old, carved, floral ceiling medallions. On another eco-dyed paper (this one 4") I used the spiral as the center of a medallion.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Crescent Moon, Hollyhock, Printemps
and a hint of MySwing

Experimenting in earnest now. I wanted to try it on a zendala tile. Originally I thought to place eight spirals around but something kept telling me to do six. It's good to listen to your intuition! I discovered that with six, I could nicely join the outside end of one spiral with the inside end of the next. This gave me a single line that spirals in and out and into the next one.

If six combined nicely, what about two?
Tangle in the background: Dreamdex
Maybe on black paper?
Tangles: just Printemps
And here's my last one, the spiral hanging from an Auraknot, eco-dyed paper and copper colored ink.

At some point I may include the actual metal spiral. I'd done something like that before, but with a found metal spiral rather than one I made. You can see it in this post.


  1. Interesting how a shape of an object can spur the muse.

  2. These are stunning Margaret - what wonders you've achieved from a broken bangle!I often think of you as the Queen of the slightly wonky spiral - and I always feel better about drawing spirals knowing that you make their imperfections look intentional. The first piece and the double spiral are my favourites.

  3. I love the 2nd tile with my swing and black pearls. What a great inspiration from a broken necklace.

  4. Creativity abounds, Margaret. Are you making the eco dyed paper? What kind of paper are you starting with ?

    1. Yes, I've made a few large batches of eco-dyed paper over the past two or three years. I'm generally using up various art papers I've had for years: Arches, lightweight watercolor, Rives BFK, and some bristol vellum I have a large pad of. I find Stonehenge not so good with water.