Monday, December 16, 2019

12 Days of Zentangle - Part 2

Zentangle's Project Packs are always a fun ride! Here is Project Pack 07, the middle four days.

On a gray tile, beginning with a fascinating string! I had a few missteps with this one, but I still like the result.
I was enchanted with this string and had to try it on other surfaces and with other colors.
1) In black on a white tile.  2) In browns on a tan tile. 3)  Moonlight pens on a black tile.
The new tangle Hollis on a gray zendala tile, with Maria's "moon pies" at some of the divergences. The gray tile is the pale color of the 'shadow' Hollis; I defined it by shading around it.

A peapod-shape filled with more peapod shapes.

Cadent, marvelously expanded with the addition of other tangles.
Tangles: Firecracker, Oaura, Pearlz, Snailz, and a Cubine at the center,
plus gems and moonpies.
This one was so much fun I also tried it in other colors.
1) In black on a white tile. 
2) In browns on tan paper with grommets, a copper brad, and a Chinese coin!
3)  Moonlight pens on a black tile.


  1. Your colours look awesome and thanks for sharing a few interesting variations!

  2. I really enjoyed your next installment of 12 Days pieces. I love those shadow or ghost Hollis behind the main ones - an idea I'll try! And your Day 8 pieces are great - it was a day I wasn't sure about until I started working with it, and now I think it's something I'll come back to often. Your black and white one is my favourite!