Friday, January 31, 2020

More pages in my Book

Here are more recent pages from my not-a-sketchbook/not-a-journal where I seem to have been very into stripes!

I had an interesting page with random, black brush strokes. There was a white space in the middle that seemed ideal for my Striping, with a Twist. I also added very thin lines in a few peripheral sections to define them a little more. (I love this page!)

Recently I've had fun with Sakura's Moonlight pens, fluorescent inks that look great on black paper, or under black light. They're not as effective here, probably because there's some white background, but even so I find them a nice opaque ink to use on a dark surface.
I decided to use only my own tangles on this page, although Tipple and Printemps crept in!
Tangles, top to bottom: Zedbra, Seljuk, Dutch Hourglass, Skye, Copada, Chebucto,
Many Moons, Prestwood (variation), and  Lotus Pods. Plus Black Pearlz.
I have a lovely Oriental-style brush pen that has an ink cartridge. I've always loved how a line can go from hairline thin to luscious thick and back again. I did some lines across a page and developed it. It's a bit reminiscent of Diva Dance.

This next page is opposite the previous one shown, so there's an interesting play of black-and-white with primary colors.
Tangles: Bunzo, Coaster, Crescent Moon, Oaura, Paisley Boa, Prestwood, Thumbprintz, Tipple, Unyun


  1. Beautiful idea with your oriental ink brush, I love the result!
    Thanks for sharing all those beauties. I enjoy very much looking at your work!

  2. So inspiring - I can’t wait to see the book!

  3. Gorgeous designs!S some have minimalist look, as well as African brighter color patterns on black surface.

  4. Entering the pages of your not-a book is always such exciting - I never know where we might end up. These pages are thrilling - from black and white to colour extremes. My favourite though, has to be the brush pen one - seemingly so simple, but captivating for that!