Thursday, March 26, 2020

Quaran-tangling project

(I'd love to claim credit for that term, but I heard it from someone else!)
My husband remarked, near the beginning of this global adventure, "Well, that won't be hard. We self-quarantine a lot of the time anyway." Not because we're sick but because we work at home.
One project I undertook while being confined to quarters was to make a new breeze-catching disk for our
The original colored glass disk had broken years ago and I'd been using a small burned-wood disk provided by a friend. But it's never been large enough and at this point was looking VERY sad, so I took two zendalas that seemed to go together, some double-thickness mat board, glue, an eye screw, and more, and created a new disk.

Here is the old disk and the new one, and both sides of the new disk. It DOES catch the breezes a lot better!


  1. They are beautiful, thank you for sharing this pretty idea!

  2. Our lives haven't been unduly impacted since we are retired. We do miss seeing our friends tho. It seems I have been more focused on the garden this spring. Of course a lot of that is that the weather has been most cooperative, wet but warm. Your project looks so beautiful. I hope it holds up in the weather. Either that or you can be creative in making a different tangle for each upgrade.