Thursday, July 2, 2020

Teabag stains

Recently I noticed a hibiscus teabag in the kitchen sink and was struck with the beautiful, rich red of the water seeping from it. I decided to try staining some paper and saved a few more teabags. It's curious how the pink/purple shows up so well on gray paper, but not at all on white or tan. Still, the grays are lovely.
Here's the first tile I did with the first small batch of stained tiles. I've used some of the teabags three or four times and they're still staining very nicely.
Tangles: Ayame, Finery, Mooka elements
I added some white vinegar to the water in which I dipped the teabags, but I'm still rather concerned about fading. Most of these stained items will likely become ATCs or bookmarks - things which will generally not be exposed to light. The ATC below is at the lower left in the selection of stains above.
Three zentangle-tile-sized pieces.
Henrike Bratz, a CZT in north Germany near Denmark, contacted me on Instagram about the colors not showing on some papers. She advised me to put a dab of lemon juice on my finger and touch that to the dried stain. It worked beautifully, as you can see below. Apparently the acidity of the lemon juice is what's needed.
Here are two tiles done for Hanny Nura's Full Moon Mosaic on Instagram. The first uses the tile in the lower right above.

Finally, every time I looked at this next tile I saw a little crab. So that's what it is.


  1. This almost makes me wish I drank tea. They are all beautiful.

  2. Such gorgeousness, Margaret!!! I suspect there will now be a run on hibiscus and rose hip tea! :D Your tangling on the colorful shapes is amazing. What did you use to augment, add or change colors?

    1. Jan, the hibiscus tea gives all the grays plus everything from pink to purple. I dabbed lime juice on some tiles (the white and tan ones) when the colors didn't show up.