Thursday, August 20, 2020

Zentangle's Project Pack 10

Another project pack! Zentangle's Project Pack #10 takes us through some of the history of Zentangle, exploring various of the developments over the years. 

It comes with a lovely little, tan, fabric-covered booklet to work in. The booklet is a series of two-page spreads with ten sections to fill on each page. This gives 20 possible tangles to choose from when you roll your icosahedron die (provided in the pack).

Two things you should know:
  • I haven't finished the booklet yet.
  • I didn't always do what I was told. 😉

We began with the tangles featured in the original tangle legend, called L5, that comes in the Zentangle kit.

One of the two-page spreads features fragments: square, triangular, and round. Here's my booklet.
Another of the spreads is border tangles. My first page is linear tangles; the second is based on fragments.
Crazy tangles! Wild variations on classic tangles.
Tangles, beginning at #1: Crescent Moon, Cadent, Cadent again, Printemps, 
twisted Striping, "Nzeppel, Hollibaugh using Rain/Auras/Caviar-style Tipple,
Florz, Huggins, and Knightsbridge

One page is what the video called 'texture' tangles, tangles that create an all-over textural look rather than something eye-catching. I left mine without shading as they seem less attention-grabbing that way.
Tangles, beginning at #11: Munchin, Scena, Sand Swirl, Amaze, Afterglo,
Scoodle, Warped Eggs, Tortuca, Ravel, Tidings.
The other five are: Irradial, Keeko, Cheesecloth, Meer, and an Archimedian spiral.  

There are enough Celtic-looking tangles to fill one page. This is opposite my page of crazy tangles, so that shake of the die should be interesting!
I wanted to do a spread of some of my own tangles, too. Sometimes I forget about them. 😬
Tangles, beginning at #1: Boss, Beadlines, Cadox, Dutch Hourglass, Morse, Magma, Moving Day,
Pixioze, Windfarm, Cadent squared, Purdy (with Bijou), Shing, Trifle, St. John's Cross,
Ninja Stars, Künstler, Lotus Pods, Gingham, Pamela, Croon, and Diamond Panes.

I'm looking forward to finishing the remaining pages.


  1. Your work is simply amazing. You are one of my favorite zentangle artist:-)

  2. Thanks for sharing these idea's with us. In every post of you there is something to learn. I love the way you have drawn Rain and my favorite pic is the one with the different Celting looking tangles, great work!!!