Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Variations on Themes

Last night I taught a new class, Variations on Themes. This is my "level 3" class. We had fun and ran over the scheduled time by 20 minutes. No one minded. We were quite Zen about it. :-)

The first tile (top row) was variations on grid patterns: Bales, Cubine with a corner, Nancy Pinke's Facets, my tangle Gingham, Screen, and Suzanne McNeill's Up and Across. We began with a very curvy string, then covered the entire tile with a grid, then drew the tangles.
Screen is one of my tangle patterns, inspired by an oriental screen. See instructions here.

The second tile has a tangle border: Cadent with double lines, and Cadent with a Yincut fill. The three sections inside that are Zedbra (by yours truly and the Diva Laura Harms) and Chartz (both variations on a zigzag), and Puf (Carole Ohl's variation on Bales). We filled the two sides of Chartz with Tipple and Msst. Another time I might choose a stronger tangle (Knightsbridge? Striping?) to counter-balance Zedbra which is very bold.


  1. Ooh. Very fun. I always wondered what to teach for follow-up classes.

  2. I like this - the tangleations are fabulous!

  3. This is a lovely little pattern with lot's of tangleation possibilities!