Saturday, November 12, 2011

AEDM #12 - Clockwises

Today I tried the tangle "Clockwises" by Helena. It resembles a jigsaw puzzle. Fun! I must admit that I never like it when tangle instructions are posted using graph paper. When I then try to do it freehand - without graph paper - I usually find that I must start and proceed differently from the instructions. That's what I discovered with this tangle. I took a few shots at it before arriving at a workable freehand method. I like the pattern, just not the directions!

Tangles: Beadlines, Bilt, Caviar, Striping, Zapateado and stippling


  1. This is a great tile! Clockwises is what caught my eye first. Beautifully done!!!

  2. Perhaps it was not the best way of presenting the pattern but I posted it just the way I "invented it".It is tiresome to reinvent the steps for a pattern but I'm also glad you liked it.
    I enjoy flowing your AEDM collection of tiles