Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday tiles (#3)

I'm glad I did Coaster after Shattuck on this one; it struck me that the ribbons of Shattuck could flow through the black areas of Coaster. Turned out rather well!
Tangles: Coaster, N'zeppel (both regular and random), Phuds, Shattuck

Sometimes my string creates a few sections that make a long, thin part. Then I often like to use various zigzag tangles, changing the tangle in each section. This keeps the cohesion given by the string but offers variety in the patterns. The tile below is an example of this; around the outside is all zigzag tangles. A few other variations crept in too!
Tangles: Baton, Knase, Tipple, Tripoli, Zedbra
How to choose what tangles to use?  
Be sure to read Linda Farmer's recent post on and LOTS of comments and ideas following.

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