Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monday tiles - Beginning blind

We've been challenged with the idea of blind strings, which are quite fun, and shake things up if you're getting in a bit of a rut. I decided to try doing a blind border first, followed by a blind string. I didn't bother with the initial dots because I wasn't going to be able to see them anyway!

I placed my pencil at a reasonable point in the corner of a tile, closed my eyes, and started drawing. I often find, when I do things blind, that it's very tight, even when I know that and try to make bigger movements. One thing I like about starting out blind is that it usually ends up off-center which gives me an interesting challenge. I get something like this...
Tangles: Coaster, Knightsbridge, Parabola, Paradox, Providence (almost),
Shattuck and no shading yet.

...which is rather interesting, but I wanted it more centered. The solution: add something in the blank areas.
Tangles: as above with added Seljuk, and shading too.

Here's another one that was almost falling off the (top) edge and needed some centering.
Tangles: Ambler, Assunta, Baton, Black Pearlz, Fohbraid, Paradox

Aaaaand... one more for good measure. Mambo is from Helen Breil who designs clay stamps. You can see her design here. I find the 'filling in' a little easier if the hollow 'S's touch each other.
Tangles: Crossview, Lacing, Mambo, Tipple. Plus
stripes with highlights and more.


  1. Very fun. I like how you added those extra frame bits in the open areas. Works great. I'll have to try that too.

  2. I always love that you give us 3-4 different tiles to get ideas from! TFS all you do.