Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nick Veasey's X-ray photography

Nick Veasey produces wonderful x-ray photographs of insects, fashion, toys, and more. The x-ray technique, resulting in layers of transparency, gives the works a great delicacy, even for an image of a backhoe.

All the images on his site are locked so I can't show you a sample, but go here to have a look. Click on the 'Projects' label in the upper right corner to see the images.

Wow, there are some great ideas and connections flowing in! I now have about a dozen favorites, up from five not too long ago.
You have until midnight Sunday wherever you are to send entries to the metaphor contest. You can enter as often as you want and you might win art!


  1. Beautiful - thanks for sharing the link. Looks like some prospective tangle patterns in there?

  2. Thanks, indeed, for posting a link to this beautiful and intriguing art!!!