Monday, August 29, 2011


Friends of my eldest daughter just had a baby girl, and my daughter asked if I would do a name for them. I know Clara's father, and have met her mother's parents, and thanks to Facebook I've even seen Clara!

Tangles: Assunta, Bales, Black Pearls, Cadent, Coaster, Finery,
Florez, Flux, Hollibaugh, Ixorus, Keenees, Knightsbridge, Miranda,
Parabola, Paradox, Prestwood, Purk, Shattuck,
Tidings, Tripoli, Unyun, Yincut

It's 8"x10" so they can pop it into a ready-made frame if they want. I began with an acrylic wash in three colors. For the letters I used cardboard cut-out scrapbooking letters as stencils. Then I did a pencil string over the entire thing and went at it with pens in various colors. I finished with pencil shading in various colors and a bit of white and pale blue on the letters.


  1. Absolutely stunning!!! The detail of each curvy tangle is amazing against the soft, flowing feel of the color wash.

  2. What a beautiful gift! I'm sure will feel very special when she learns that the picture spells her name! You really did an exquisite job creating this, thank you for explaining your process.

  3. Wow! What a beautiful gift! I love the colors you used. It's lovely!