Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Weekly challenge number 37 is to use only tangles that are based on a grid. Do a curvy pencil string, draw a grid overall, and fill with tangles. This is something I do in one of my advanced classes and the results are quite interesting.

On my first tile I somehow got an extra section than the string gave me, but I like it.

Tangles: Bales, Dex, Gingham, Florez, Florz, Ninja Stars, Zanella

Laura (the Diva) suggested the idea of curvy grids, so I tried one that way too.

Tangles: Bales, Bateek, Demi, Florz, Puf, Screen

Here are tiles done by some of my students using this same idea.

Tangles: Bales, Cubine (with corners), Facets, Gingham, Screen, Up and Across


  1. Margaret, you have the wonderful knack of moving one tangle into another, love the effect!

  2. They both are beautiful, and how nice to see the tiles of your students, all so different and still with the same tangles.