Monday, September 5, 2011

DANCET tangle instructions

This past weekend I had a yard sale. There are a lot of different names for that; we also say garage sale, although neither yards nor garages are sold. Apparently some in California call it a Meet Swap, which I and a friend initially understood to be a Meat Swap and pictured people arriving with lamb chops and sausages and chicken legs saying, "I'll give you four of these for six of those." :P What do you call it?

I awoke Sunday morning, having dreamed of two interesting tangleations of Assunta. (Obsessed? Who? Me?!?) I decided to draw them while sitting in the glorious late summer sun at the sale. Well, as often happens, something that makes perfect sense in a dream makes no sense whatsoever in the light of day. I tried this and tried that and tried other things, but no luck. The lovely dream tangleations weren't going to happen. And they were so pretty!

BUT... I DID come up with a few other very nice new tangles!!!

Cadent is a lovely tangle with a scroll-like look. It lends itself to lots of variations, some of which you can see here. I sometimes like to use two lines rather than one. Although it looks nothing like Cadent when finished, this new tangle reminds me of Cadent the way it begins and it looks somewhat dance-y. I mixed up the letters of Cadent and came up with Dancet. Here's how to draw it.

Here are two tiles. One shows four variations of Dancet and the second uses Dancet with other tangles. More yard sale tangles coming soon!

Tangles: Coaster, Dancet, Finery, Ninja Stars, Prestwood


  1. Very COOL! So many variations ~ Thank you for sharing!

  2. Very cool tangle, looks a little like cadent, but enough different to have it's own style. Love your examples!

  3. Cool tangle! Love your examples too. In Colorado we call them garage sales, but where I grew up in Wisconsin we called them rummage sales. No matter what you call them, they can be a lot of work and time, so I am glad you found something creative to do in between sales.

  4. Thank you for the new tangles, shame your dream tangles would not appear on paper.
    Off to work now, will try this later.

  5. These both are very nice.
    I hope to try them out soon.

  6. I enjoy any tangle that is anything like cadent. Can't wait to try this.

  7. You know, I get excited when I see Estate Sale or better yet Barn Sale. The treasures are endless and I am always on the hunt for art supplies. Now back to Dancet and Cadent. Cadent is one of those feel good to draw tangles. I'm in the middle of a new design and I can assure you, there will be either one or both, incorporated into this new piece. Thanks for sharing M.

  8. Great pick for something a little more intense. Thank you!