Tuesday, September 6, 2011

YALE tangle instructions

YArd saLE. Yale. Here's another tangle I designed while sitting in the sun last weekend. I think the pattern looks more interesting on an angle, but it's easier to draw if you do it straight. In step four you can add one or more arcs beside the spirals, whatever gives you the space you want between the spirals.
Here is a tile with Yale. I filled the small central circles thinking it might work well beside Lotus Pods.
Tangles: Dancet, Keenees, Lotus Pods, Paradox, Yale, Zedbra

The next has an earlier version of Yale. One of my 'dream tangleations' of Assunta had two spirals out from a small circle so I was working with that idea initially. The Yale tangle is simpler but the effect is still there.
Tangles: Dancet, Lotus Pods, Unyun, Wud, Yale