Wednesday, September 14, 2011

KRLI-Q tangle instructions

(It's pronounced "curlicue". Just sayin'.)

This is something I occasionally add as a little extra flourish. I think it's rather elegant and pretty. As I was drawing the instructions it occurred to me to try it in multiple in a section of a Zentangle.

I tried filling a tile section with several of them and I think it worked quite well:

Tangles: Beadlines, Combs variation, Crescent Moon,
Hollibaugh, Krli-q, 'Nzeppel, Ogen, Unyun

Here's what I've done with Krli-qs before now.

This is a very early tile!
Tangles: Chartz (sort of), Flux, Krli-q, Msst, Munchin
"Hundred Petalled Lotus" © 2009 Margaret Bremner
--> Tangles: Chartz, Flux, Krli-q, Munchin, Paradox, Shattuck, Sporz, Tipple


  1. I love Krli-q, so elegant.

    Lizzie Mayne

  2. Oh, I'm olooking forward to playing with Krli-q.
    Sensational 'Hundred petal lotus'!

  3. This is a super tangle and in coincides with my negative watercolor painting. Thanks M

  4. lovey swirls and possibilities, thanks for the new tangle, methinks it is going directly to the current sketch book tangle exercise I'm doing right now! Joy! lol

  5. I've loved it from the first time I saw it!!! Great tangle.

  6. So freeing. My favorite tangles are loose a flowing, so, this one is going straight to my happy place. Thanks for inspiring us & your Lotus is AMAZING!

  7. While reading your profile, I wanted to say I'm kindred hearted.
    Art also FILLS me with the Spirit & an all over sense of well being.
    I believe we were created by a CREATOR to create!
    By doing what we were created for, we are in the spirit & flowing in love & Divine inspiration. I find it absolutely mind boggling that there seems to be an an endless supply of ideas, new songs, new art, new inventions, new, new, new.

  8. This is beautiful. I feel like my head will explode if I discover any more art techniques! All I did was google "swirl"!!

    1. Astonishing where the internet will take you isn't it?!? If Zentangle is new to you, do investigate. :)