Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dreaming Girl

Following our move across town I discovered this small drawing I'd done in university (a lo-o-o-ong time ago). You can see why Zentangle was such an immediate *click* for me!

"Dreaming Girl" (c) Margaret Bremner
The paper is non-archival and has yellowed over the years.

I used technical pens years ago, and always loved that medium. I rediscovered some of those pens too, following the move. That pattern on the bottom edge is something I used frequently back then and I've done it in some recent zentangle drawings, too. Although we don't use the term "uni" here, I've called the tangle D'Uni. That pattern on the shawl is interesting too!


  1. Discovering old work is a joy!
    For me is drawing again a joy!
    I vsit evry day this website becouse i like the way of graphik design in the patterns.
    I hope to enjoy the challenge but is not easy to connect.

  2. Wow, Margaret. When I first looked, this felt kind of Aubrey Beardsley to me. (I was a big Beardsley fan in my school days.) It's very easy to see that you naturally connect with Zentangle. Thanks for sharing. Have a great new year! Looking forward to seeing what tangly treasures you have up your sleeve for the coming year:) Carole

  3. I wanted to name my son Aubrey! I really love that guys work.....m

  4. Margaret, you were born to tangle!
    What a lovely memory and treasure.

  5. It's beautiful. How fun to find something forgotten and enjoy it all over again.

  6. Thanks for these Margaret. Our past is often part of our present. No wonder you love to tangle! its in your dna!!