Friday, January 6, 2012

Words, and missed concepts

I encountered Zentangle in late 2008. I still don't know what posessed me to attend a CZT training seminar - it seemed a lot of money at the time - but I knew I had to go. It was just the right thinig to do. In May 2010 I was in Whitinsville with 60-some other bug-eyed enthusiasts. It's one of the best things I've ever done.

Between learning about Zentangle and LEARNING ABOUT Zentangle I did a fair amount of drawing, tried to figure out things, copied patterns, searched the internet and so on. Patterns and repeated elements I totally grokked but somehow I just didn't grasp the idea of strings and shading.

I did a series of short words in the summer of 2009, completely missing the idea of pencil strings and shading, but bang on with the pattern thing. In a way, the outlines of the letters serve as strings, but without any mystery. Here are a few of them (still rather cool nonetheless!).
This is supposed to say 'now' but looks rather like 'wow'.
Oh well, I guess "Wow! Now!" is a good attitude!


  1. These are all so neat looking. Thanks for sharing some of your earlier work.

  2. I can totally relate to knowing that you just had to go to CZT training...I felt the same way! It will probaby always be one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Love your words! I am working more and more with letters this fun. Hope you have a wonderful new year filled with creativity!

  3. I have a fascination with lettering and have been toying with the idea of blending it with zentangle - they seem so complementary. I love the inspiration you have here and it solidifies my to action! :) I like how you use krli-q to add fun flourishes to the letters!

  4. found you on Pinterest and love your work

  5. I love your word tangles. I am saving my money and am planning on going to the CZT training in August. Every time I read about someone going, they say it was the best experience ever - - I can't wait!

    I enjoy your blog - thank you for sharing.

  6. Janet, you will love it!
    Terrie, I hadn't realized how often I'd used Krli-qs: 5 out of 6. It certainly works well with letters... anywhere there's a bit of vacant space.

  7. I love these - clean, clear, fun, positive! I want to try some words.... maybe names of friends and family?