Thursday, January 26, 2012

Zentangle inspired poetry

I'm a bit of a limerick fan, so I'll share that first. The author is Janet Nordfors, a member of the Yahoo group "Zentangle Inspired Art".
There was an old woman who tangled.
With Microns and tiles she wrangled.
She blogged and she swapped,
'til one night she dropped.
With her fine strings, she'd been strangled.

Sandy Popa is one of the moderators of the "Zentangle Inspired Art" Yahoo group, and she presented this poem:
Fountainy cylinders of dripping ink,
What patterns will come
Not sure what to think.
A dribble, a swish, then a dot,
Zentangles develop
Without a thought.

And since what's a book without pictures, here's a recent tile shared with me by Jenn, one of my students. Pretty cool!


  1. Margaret, I am so honored to be part of your blog post today! I've had a rough few days at work and insomnia, so came home early today and just ready to collapse on the couch when I saw my name in your blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It really has made my day. I'm glad you enjoyed my limerick and I hope your readers do too.
    Hugs to you.

  2. How DO you get those designs to "pop" right off the page like that! Mine are all sooooo flat..... Love the curly lines - they look like they are popping out of the design!

  3. Janet, I'm delighted to have helped lift your spirits! Limerick on!

    erblair, I can't take credit for the tile on this post; it was done by a student of mine. I'm quite impressed by it! The shading she's done has really lifted some of those white bands up from the others hasn't it?

  4. thanks for sharing.. love the limericks and so cool when the art moves into words.