Monday, June 11, 2012

Using only official tangles

This Monday I'll share some tiles I did recently using only 'official' tangles: tangles developed and shared by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, the founders of Zentangle. The drawing instructions for the tangles in the tiles below are all public, so you can find them if you're interested. Check Tangle Patterns or the Zentangle website for past newsletters.
Tangles: Assunta, Aura, Flukes, Rain, Tortuca, Tripoli
Tangles: Betweed, Knightsbridge, Munchin, Paradox, Shattuck, Strircles, Tipple
Tangles: Bales, Drupe, Fife, Finery, W2, Yincut


  1. Really inspiring! Lovely work. Thanks for sharing! T

  2. Thanks for posting these. I had forgotten about Assunta. I also had forgotten how bold well placed Knightsbridge is They are beautiful.