Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Workshop tiles

I have to show off the wonderful Zentangle tiles created by a really fun group of women on a recent Saturday in small town Saskatchewan. We did a morning session, had a pot-luck lunch and then an afternoon session. Congratulations and thanks to Janice, Marion, Bonnie, Marge and Claire.


  1. Beautiful work from your students! Sounds like it was a fun day of tangling.

  2. well, they did a great job! i like how everyone's string is different - causing different placement and different results for the tangles you all used! incredible job, ladies!

    1. We did four tiles that day. Believe it or not, each time we did a tile everyone used the same string! The easiest one to identify is the tile at the bottom left. If you look carefully, you'll find four more tiles with the same string and tangles.

      You could find three other sets of five, with the same string and tangles. Bit of a puzzle, that! :)