Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It takes a village...

"It Takes a Village" © 2010, Margaret Bremner

Patty Meijer, a relatively new CZT and one of the moderators of the Zentangle Inspired Art group on Yahoo!, recently posted this to the group:
"Today in a teacher professional development (seminar), one of my heroes - Sara - posed this to us. She referenced the quote: It takes a village to raise a child. She asked us to reflect on the quote and to think about who is a part of our village and who are we grateful to have in our lives."
I am so glad that you are all part of my village! Mostly we are cyber friends but it often feels as if we are closer than that. Who is part of your village? Who are you grateful for having (or having had) in your life?

(And thanks, Patty, fellow villager!)


  1. Today my Mother-In-Law moved into a nursing home. She lived in the same house which my Father-In-Law built over 60 years ago. We carefully filled her new home with her favourite things and are very grateful for the many lovely ladies who came to welcome her to her new village.

  2. You made a lovely village!
    And you are right, some cyber friends feel very close. But, let's not forget the other (not cyber) friends!


  3. i am blessed to be part of your village!