Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I've been having fun trying things with the new tangle Auraknot.

In this one I began with a pentacle using the Cadent variation shown by Patty Meijer recently. I put Black Pearlz in the circles. Then I did Auraknot on both sides of the original bands, and kept doing that until I had a ball shape. (I wasn't thinking of a ball when I began.) It seemed to need more detail/interest so I added some different tangles in some of the strips.
Tangles: Auraknot, Black Pearlz, Cadent, Knightsbridge Auras, Zewm

Again I started with a 5-pointed star, but wanted to interweave it with a square 'border'. I also wanted to try the idea of making some of the bands black, as if they were empty. Sorta worked.
Tangles: Auraknot, (Parabola), Tripoli

Exinside was another tangle I wanted to try. I began this tile with Exinside - you don't need graph paper; fly solo! - and it looked as if I could add Auraknot very nicely. So I did.
Tangles: Auraknot, Black Pearlz, Exinside, Knightsbridge Aura, Parabola (almost)


  1. How fun to see the different variations here. I really like that first one a lot. I love the way you used cadent there.

  2. wow once again, Margaret! Love the first one and its tangles upon tangles!!

  3. Brilliant! Also, congrats on being mentioned in the Zentangle newsletter. Yay, you :-)

  4. I truly enjoy your designs, they are inspirational and unique.

  5. These are so lovely. I am finding inspiration in each one. Thanks!

  6. I believe I hadn't, as yet, discovered Zentangle when you published this blog post. I am SO glad I noticed it today in your "Recently popular posts" sidebar! I've just sent its link to all of my advanced students and am looking forward to playing with Exinside today as well as your amazingly delightful tangleations of Auraknot. Thank you so much!