Monday, November 19, 2012

AEDM 19 - still life day

I was recently juried in to the Artists Workshop group in town. Every Monday we meet and work together, and once a year there is a still life day. Everyone brings interesting Things and we arrange them into appealing combinations.
The gang at work

What might Margaret do with a selection of still life set-ups, you may well ask. I asked myself the same question. A few times.

Well, one person brought a pair of round little birds. I've always liked those puffy-looking, cosy-for-winter, little birds. I drew an outline of one on a zendala tile and tangled all over.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Copada, Finery, Flez, Fohbraid, Hurly Burly, Khirkee

Many brought fabric for drapery. One piece had interesting paisley-type and other little patterns. I sketched one...
... then used it on another zendala tile. (Complete with a large booboo that I decided not to do anything about.)
Tangles: Aura, Beadlines, Knightsbridge, Pearlz, stripes


  1. You give me enormous hope - I'd wonder what to do with a Still Life class too - isn't it amazing how tangling can just open up so much - love that bird. I had to work really hard at finding your 'variation.' Brilliant seeing it in situ & knowing that it's OK to keep going. That little perfectionist imp who sits on my shoulder is holding her head in her hands & sighing - suspect she'll be nestling her head into my neck soon once she learns to stop screeching.
    Paula (PEP)

    1. I had a perfectionist imp for years; I think maybe she's just become more open-minded and accepting! Isn't it interesting how a booboo of those proportions becomes almost lost in the context of all the other patterns?

  2. Your little bird is just beautiful! I really like the border you have used.

    1. Thanks Susan. There's Fohbraid on the top and Copada on the bottom.

  3. The fat little bird is so, so majestic, I expect she ruffled her feathers as you drew and then she posed once again, serene and regal. I love the tangle you chose for her body. You continue to be my "hero".
    hugs, Diana

  4. Margaret I think your bird is AMAZING. The shape is round and soft as a bird is, the pattern on it is delightful as well as symbolic..clever, and the surrounding tangles all blend together so well I just don't want to stop looking at it, its so charming. Well done! Always good to do something out of the box, outside the square etc!