Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Shattuck variation with fan fill

I stumbled on an interesting pattern by using an curved zigzag line. You can see the line on the far right here. I tried it side-by-side and then side-by-side with a thin stripe between the rows. Then it struck me that it's basically Shattuck with a fan-style fill.

Here it is on a standard 3.5" tile. Shattuck is in the middle and this fan variation is above it. Below is the same variation but without the stripes in between. There's a short row where I striped the fans because it seemed to need a little more darkness there.
Tangles: Jonqal, Knase, Shattuck and fan variations,
Tripoli, Zedbra, Zewm variation


  1. Oh my - I love how you came up with this variation - in fact, I think you should give it its own name!

  2. I agree...I think I like it better than Shattuck

  3. Beautiful.
    I agree, it needs a name.
    I struggle with shattuck for some reason, find it mind bending, doing the linked zig zag. Strange, anyway. Your variation is lovely, thanks for sharing.

  4. Shattuck is one of my favorite tangles, it is in almost every tile I do. The fan fill is lovely. I did a tile today using both of them and I really liked the cimbination. I agree with the others, you should give it a name. Thank tou for sharing this, I will definately be using it often!

  5. What a great variation!!!! Thank you for sharing.