Sunday, March 10, 2013

LAMAR - a new tangle!

Tangles: Beelight, Knightsbridge, Lamar, Tortuca, Yincut
There is a trend happening here: I seem to be inspired in the bathroom. Dansk, Chebucto, Pia, and now Lamar, were all inspired by patterns in bathrooms! Here's a photo of the tiles in our bathroom in Mexico that inspired this tangle.

I deconstructed this pattern, adapting it to pen-and ink drawing. Here are some tiles I did while working out possibilities.

The Spanish word for 'sea' or 'ocean' is mar. Years ago I was told by a Spanish prof that mar is normally a masculine noun (el mar) but that sometimes in literary or poetic work it's feminine: la mar, thus the name of the tangle. Here's how to do it.
Tangles: Lamar, Magma, Paisley Boa, Paushalöv, Tortuca
BTW: It's getting harder and harder to keep track of tangles and names. If this pattern has been presented elsewhere, or if the name has been used earlier, please let me know! 


  1. As usual Brilliant - thanks for sharing. I love your finished tiles.

  2. Nice... very nice. I think I will share it with my Zentangle ladies group this weekend...

  3. Margaret, Thanks for the new tangle. I especially like this one because it is a popular stroke in decorative painting and I use it quite a bit in painting.
    I look forward to using it in Zentangle.

  4. beautiful, margaret, i'm going to give it a try today - thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing! Come to think of it- this type of art was something that I would unconsciously do while talking on an old-fashined telephone- which was on a shelf in the hallway of our Soviet apartment. Occasionally, a phone call would last a while, and I would stand there beside the phone, with a fountain pen in my hand and a piece of paper, and create similar designs without even thinking about it... After a call would end, I would look at the paper and be amazed at what took place on paper while I was not even 'present'! I think that this type of art is meditative and reflective.....

  6. I really like the flowing lines of this...quite elegant. Thank you.


  7. Margaret your step outs work beautifully, love lamar!

  8. Boy the # of tangles is amazing. I am up to 360 tangles in my 3 ring binder now.
    I know that I don't have all of Linda Farmer's possible tangles in that book either!!!
    And 3 or 4 new ones appear each week that I like! Where will this ever end?

    I have not seen this one (I don't think) but I will keep an eye out just in case.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  9. Margaret, have you seen the movie, "9 to 5"? Well, I laughed about your bathroom comment because there is a scene in the movie of just that, the evil 'boss lady' is rapidly taking notes on the toilet paper....guess you might have to start taking your Microns with you everywhere? Thanks for sharing this tangle.