Sunday, February 16, 2014

'Splice' peppers

I recently encountered a tangle called Splice, which creates interesting round shapes.
Here's a demonstration from YouTube.

It kept reminding me of cross-sections of sweet, bell peppers.

So finally I gave in and pulled out a round tile and drew peppers.
Tangles: Gingham, Splice, Tipple


  1. Lovely!!! I love the peppers!!!!!!!

  2. One of my students shared this pattern with me a week or two ago, and I have not tried it yet. Must do this one soon! I love how you did the aura's inside and Tipple for the pepper seeds! Love the color with the black and white background too!

  3. this is so lovely.Realistic yet "tangly" too.

  4. I love your piece, too. But I REALLY love your gingham tangle, it is one of my favorites.