Friday, May 23, 2014

5 'R's. 2 challenges.

Rain. Rixty. Riverstones. Ripples. River.

Rain is the Diva's challenge this week. Use the tangle alone, or with others.
The other four are from Adele Bruno's "It's a String Thing" challenge. She's using one of my string ideas, and four R tangles.

So, for Laura, I did this tile:
Tangles: Caviar (Tipple variation), Rain, Tripoli, and Aura
And for Adele I did this one:
Tangles: Ripples, River, Riverstones, Rixty
Then I thought why not do a tile using all five R tangles:
Tangles: Aura, Rain, Ripples, River, Riverstones, Rixty


  1. I really like the first tile. The open spaces help with the 3D effect, which is very successful.

  2. an other surprise. great what you brought to tis rain-challenge,thank you.

  3. I like all of them but think I prefer the last two. Like the bold lines in the last one particularly.

  4. All gorgeous! Love your rain variation on the first one!

  5. Visiting from the Diva's challenge. I love what you've done with Rain. I like the little pieces you pulled off the main tangle and how you filled the negative spaces. So pretty. And your R tangle tiles are wonderful. I wasn't very happy with my tile for It's a String Thing this time, but it's sure fun to see what everyone did. Thanks for sharing.