Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Twinchie. Two by two. And in the zentangle world: Bijou tiles.

I was recently asked by Cheryl Stocks if she could post an image of mine on her twinchie challenge blog for an upcoming challenge with the prompt 'flower of life'. You can see one of my zendala sized flower of life pieces there. I also did a couple of bijou tiles for the challenge.
 I began another flower of life pattern but got off on the wrong foot and ended up with this.
That got me into bijou mode and I did some beginning with a color wash.
I noticed that the twinchie challenge prompt back when Cheryl contacted me was 'amoeba', which sounded like fun so I did some for that too.
I posted some of my earlier bijou tiles here. I find it a bit of a challenge to work this small, but oddly somewhat liberating too. It's so quick to do, and I think I feel a little more experimental.

Cheryl has a list of upcoming prompts on the left on her blog, so if you want to participate you can plan ahead a little.


  1. Dear Margaret, A BIG thank you for your kind thoughts, your creative entries and for driving some traffic to the TwobyTwo challenge! You make the Flower of Life look easy!They'll get posted next week and I look forward to all the different entries. I particularly like the blue-green color wash--it has a Peter Max/Yellow Submarine kind of look to it. Have a brilliant day! c

  2. Love all your Bijou tiles, they look great with a colour wash.i particularly liked the green tree one. It is difficult to judge the size of them when posted online, they could almost be normal size especially with the amount of work you manage to fit into one. When you see them in real life they are so cute,

  3. The color wash bijoux were my favorites.
    I especially the green/blue one! It appears this may have been painted AFTER the drawing. REALLY loved it. A tiny landscape really but so well done.
    Yummy. Loved seeing what you did for the restaurant…WHAT a lot of work. The paint pens were oil based? or water based?

    1. All the color washes above were done before the ink drawing, then finishing with colored pencils. The paint pens I used at the King Me Boardgamery were water-based.