Thursday, July 9, 2015

'Flying birds' string - so many possibilities!

String of four 'flying birds' with variations of Tipple.
You must have drawn those little flying birds, the ones that are just a line with a dip in the middle.
Of course, you can make simple modifications:
You could draw a very deep dip or a shallow dip:
I've been having fun using this simple line a few times in different directions to create a string. I seem to prefer three 'birds' but of course you could do only two, or four, or even more.
Three birds string with Bunzo, Knase, Paradox, and Tripoli.
Here are six possible strings you might get using this flying bird idea.
Top right: only two 'birds'
Middle left: four 'birds' placed near the edges of the tile
Middle right: three 'birds' placed near the center of the tile
Lower right: three 'birds', the points of two vertical birds meeting near the center.
The above lines are all parallel to the paper edge, but it could be done diagonally too. Here's a tile with three 'birds' drawn diagonally, and beside it, red lines to show where the string lines are.
Three birds, diagonally, with Aquafleur, Crescent Moon, Knase, Sird, Well, and Zedbra
Here's another with red lines showing the strings. These bird strings all dip to touch the border.
Three birds string with Coaster, Paradox, Prestwood variation, Tripoli, and Unyun.
Three birds string with Going Down, Paradox, Umble
In the tile below, one bird's wing is the Beadlines while the other wing swoops off the right edge.
Three birds string with Beadlines, Black Pearlz,
Peanuckle, Tipple, and stripes
These flying birds offer a huge variety of strings to work with. I hope you have fun with it! If you use this method, please e-mail me a photo and I'll feature some readers' tiles in a future blog post. I'd love to see what you do!
A 'three flying birds' string, with two points meeting, can result in a heart shape! :)
Tangles: Beadlines, Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Jalousie, Munchin, Pearlz, Shattuck


  1. Your work is so inspiring! Perfect string to share with The Gull Gallery, an art community I've joined this summer. Thank you!

  2. Margaret. These are fantastic. I love your flying bird strings - such a simple and effective idea. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Val. I love things that are basically quite simple but allow for almost endless possibilities.

  3. Dear Margaret, I Iearn so much from you! This is an excellent string concept!
    I have not been keeping up with the Zentangle blog world for a while--it's so vast and I have had other things requiring my attention--but I need to go back and read every single post of yours. You are such a prolific generator of beauty, such an inspiration. Thank you for being so generous about sharing the discoveries you make on your creative journey.

    1. Thanks Amy! I know, it's increasingly difficult to keep up with everything Zentangle: blogs, tangles, challenges... Oh my!

  4. Margaret! I love the bird strings! What a great idea! I especially love the tipple tile. Super! Thanks for all you share with us.

  5. Love this string idea. So often I am looking for new and inspiring ideas for strings. This is great - endless possibilities. Thanks for sharing

  6. This looks like fun...I'm going to try it!!! Thanks for your inspiration!

  7. Thanks! This is a very good idea for when you do not know what string to use.

  8. Thank you for this fantastic idea and the permanent inspirations. :)

  9. Thank you for another idea from you via your blog. I get lots of great ideas from you. Thank you for sharing. I will be trying this idea for some strings soon.

  10. You know, Margaret, I'm just so thankful for all your wonderful ideas. This bird string idea is so fantastic. The first tile you show us (with tipple) is probably one of my favorite tiles from you ever. Our Zentangle club is working on completing a tile each for our next meeting using a bird string idea. See how you inspire so many? Thank you, Angela