Monday, May 30, 2016

Travelling tangles

I've recently begun participating in a Facebook group called the Travelling Tangles Project. I tangle part of a tile and send it to someone, and they do the same for me. Then we complete each other's tiles. I've received some very interesting 'beginnings' that I've been privileged to complete.

Here are some tiles I've received and how I finished them.

Pat Floerke in Nicaragua sent a zendala tile that she'd begun using blue, green, and purple ink as well as black. I used more. :) She began with Finery and Tipple and I added Pearlz, something related to Maryhill, and a sort of triangular Well with one side different!

Fellow Canadian Susan Szathmary sent a tile with a blue-green wash and some zippy green gems/pebbles. As soon as I placed it on the beige oatmeal paper to scan it I knew it had to be a shore scene. I added Floo for clouds, Tipple (Caviar version) for sand, and a tangle that's not public yet for waves.

I received a tile from Barb Mavraganis with spatters of dylusions ink. To her Mooka and Zenith I added Pixioze, Ruutz, and more Zenith.

Loretta West sent a classic black on white tile with some delicate, ribbony tangles. I stayed with that theme, but the center seemed to want to be darker.

Finally, here's an ATC begun by Debra Huff. I kept seeing trumpet-shaped flowers so I went with it.

If you'd like to join the fun, seek out Travelling Tangles Project on Facebook.

In a future post I'll show some tiles I've sent and how others finished them.


  1. Collaboration - my favorite!!! I'd seen on the Zentangle Mosaic app a few done by Molly & another artist, but I didn't know it was a "thing". :) Oh great ... yet ANOTHER FB page I want to peruse! I need more hours in my day. :)

    Your finishes to the starts you received are truly marvelous, Margaret! (I was puzzled by the first one until I noticed the completed tile is displayed in a different rotation from the photo on its left.) Each one is gorgeous, different from all the others AND different in style from your "just Margaret" tiles. Thank you for sharing these!

  2. In this project , do the tiles travel physically among the participants through snail mail , or do you do the whole process through internet via up loads / download , and tangling the partially done tiles?

    1. The partially done tiles are snail-mailed to other participants. The finished tile is kept by the person who completes it.