Saturday, June 10, 2017

Two letters for a wedding

Our youngest daughter got married recently in North Carolina. It was held at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden outside Charlotte and everything was lovely! They will live in New York City for a few years; she has her degree to finish and career to start.
Veronica and Shahruz
The newlyweds with parents and siblings and siblings-in-law.
When her oldest sister got married several years ago I created artwork with the couple's initials. You can see that pair of letters here. I decided I wanted to do something similar, this time 'V' and 'S'.

I began two square pieces. I had matching frames that would fit, so that worked nicely.

As I worked on them it felt increasingly not right. Finally, I decided to abandon those and begin again. I saved parts to make bookmarks!

This time I used the eco-dyed paper which has been inspiring me lately. It was a good decision. The work went quickly - I had two weeks left! - and I was quite pleased with them as they progressed.
Each one has a tiny 24-carat gold heart, a bit of the special gilding I had left from the zenAgain event last November. They are float-mounted on mat board with a window-cut mat around that, and a simple, reddish-brown wood frame.

Here's to a long and happy life together!


  1. Oh my Margaret these are stunning. My imagination goes to a heavily wooded forest with the night sky peaking through the trees, under foot is the forest floor just brimming with treasures made of leaves and found items. The tiny golden hearts are there just waiting to be picked up and cherished. So very very beautiful.

  2. These are so amazing. I have been to that Botanical Garden since my sister and brother in law live about an hour from Charlotte. We have visited it at Christmas and it's magical! Congratulations on a lovely wedding and a wonderful gift!!!

  3. Your artwork is fantastic. It will be a lasting reminder of their wedding day!