Saturday, September 23, 2017

'My Canvas Has Laces' (3) finished!

Converse canvas kicks, partly done
for the My Canvas Has Laces fund-raising auction
by Shoe Bank Canada.
So, after BOTH my extra fine tip Sharpie paint pens ran out of ink I stopped in at the art supply store where I'd bought them, but they were out of stock. I phoned around town - nine places! - and no one had them. I called that first art supply store and they told me that the pens have been discontinued. Whaaaattt???



Smile (try).

Aha. Well. This is an unexpected OPPORTUNITY, isn't it? Time to get the creative engine in gear. Necessity is the mother of invention, and all that.

A friend suggested Sharpie permanent markers, and the package says fade-resistant and water- resistant so I decided to try them. I also got some Sharpie pens, also fade-resistant and water- resistant. I still had larger black Sharpie paint pens which I used in larger areas.

The marker bled a little into the canvas fabric so I abandoned it. The pen is finer point and didn't bleed, although I often needed to go over the lines.
The right shoe, outer side.
Tangles: Ginili, Knightsbridge, Paisley Boa, Pearlz, Pixioze,
Posh variation, Thumbprintz, and the Lisbon fragment
The right shoe, inner side.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, BTL Joos, Fengle, Gemz, Zenith
The left shoe, inner side.
Tangles: Aquafleur, Palrevo, Pearlz, Prestwood variation, Snugz, Y-not, Zonked
The left shoe, outer side.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Delish, Diva Dance, MySwing, Paradox, Skye, Tipple,
In a few, strategic places I used iridescent white paint, or clear paint with holographic sparkles in it.
These are special shoes. Shoes for happy feet. I decided that they needed fun laces, laces that aren't the classic, boring, white shoelaces that came with them. I had some ribbons left over from an earlier project and - while these laces are a few inches short of the "proper" ones - they're a whole lot more fun!


  1. They are fantastic. I love the little shot of sparkle. They are sure to bring a lot of money to the auction.

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