Tuesday, December 26, 2017

On the ninth day of Zentangle...

For the past few years in December, Zentangle HQ has offered "12 Days of Zentangle" with a new project or challenge each day. This year I was quite taken with this project, involving two tiles.

The challenge on the ninth day was to cut two tiles apart and tape them together again, halfsies. The 12-minute prompt video here, explains the process.

I enjoyed the first one so much that I did another. Here are my first two, with Bijou tiles:

I wanted to try more! Maybe full-size tiles. Maybe different colors.

I had a couple of standard tiles that I wasn't sure what to do with, a black one with a white wash and a white tile with a pink wash. I decided to use them. I had cut them apart before I remembered to take a photo, but now you can see where I cut them. The larger size seemed to want two cuts rather than just one.

When I taped them together they looked like this:

And after all the tangling and shading this is what I had:

I wasn't able to alternate tangles "mirror image" as much as I would have liked but I did try to repeat tangles.

Back to Bijou tiles. I did one more. On one tile I did dark ink on dark paper and lighter ink on the lighter paper. On the second tile I reversed it. I repeated the tangles on each tile.
Tangles: Crescent Moon, Fleurette, Flux, Knightsbridge, MySwing, Perfs, Pixioze 
This is a fascinating technique and I anticipate using it again.


  1. This was my favourite idea from the 12 days. I knew it had so much potential for use in various ways, sizes, shapes, colours. I just haven't had the time to explore it yet. But thanks for this wonderful taster of possibilities. All your examples are glorious. I can't wait to play...

  2. I agree, that was a very fun project. :) I LOVE what YOU did with it! Such creative compositions and fabulous color combos! This cut-apart-and-put-back-together-differently idea opens all sorts of heretofore hidden doors. I'm already looking forward to seeing more on this from you!

  3. Thanks for the great inspiration Margaret.
    I am anxious to try more with this too.

  4. I didn't see what you meant at first and then, when light finally dawned, I couldn't wait to give it a go. However, I've just started a bigger piece and am trying very hard not to get too many things started and not finished. We'll see.

  5. These are all gorgeous! I really wasn't able to participate in the 12 days at the time but this really inspires me to get going on it anyway;-) Happy New Year and Cheers! to a year of creative adventures;-)

    1. I didn't manage every day this year but there are some great ideas to try whenever you get the time.