Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tangle-a-Day calendar - tools and more pages

No, don't worry, I'm not going to post every calendar page this year! But I do want to tell you a bit about what tools I'm using, and some plans, and show some recent pages. Like this one:
Hollyhock is from CZT Jason Lau. 
Chebucto and Skye are from yours truly.
What I've been using, mainly, for the tangling is three sizes of Tombow's Mono pens. They are really nice to draw with and I've used them for a few other things. This is an ideal type of project because these pens are not lightfast. I'll also use Sakura's microns and I have a Sharpie pen (fine tip) that I want to try.

I wanted to add color to some random pages to give me a surprise 'something new to deal with'. I did one page using Sakura's Koi Coloring Brush pens. I have really liked the colors and the way they blend so nicely, but was disappointed here. It must be the paper. The Koi brush pens are also not lightfast so I don't use them for anything that might end up hanging on a wall.
Sakura's Koi Coloring Brush pens usually blend beautifully, but not on this paper.
I also tried some Winsor and Newton Water Colour Markers. They tend not to blend as well as I'd like in any case, and this was no different.

I had better luck with both Inktense and Aquatone water-soluble pencils.
A rainbow of Aquatone pencils.
Cool tones in Inktense pencils.
We'll have to wait until those pages appear to see what will happen with them!

Here's another recently completed page:
Tuscadero is from CZT Lara Williams.
Umble is an 'official' tangle from Zentangle.
Y-Not was deconstructed by Molly Hollibaugh.


  1. I know you warn that you are not posting all your calendar pages...but I would love to see them and all of us are enamored of your work and so post as many as you like!!! I love when you tell the tangle names below. Yeah! These are flammable!!! I was disappointed that the Tombow Mono pens are not waterproof. I am trying to collect mostly pens that are since I tend to watercolor OVER my ink marks many time and have been very disappointed by some pens. I find that the paper you use is crucial to permanence of some inks. Like Noodler's inks which I love in my Sumy pen but on many surfaces they bleed. It has to be a cellulose paper to be permanent. GRRRR. Test. Always test. Continue to watch and follow this blog often. Thank you so much for generous sharing.

    1. Glad you're enjoying the calendar pages Ginny!
      I'm not sure about the waterproof-ness of the Tombow pens; I haven't checked that. But they're not lightfast.

  2. Hi Margaret! You have a Tangle a Day calendar! where did you get it? I'd love to have one and can't find anything on Amazon...??? and BTW looks like you're having great fun with it!

    1. HeidiSue, I suggest you try Carole Ohl's Etsy shop. She's the person who produces it every year. I don't think it's sold on Amazon.