Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A few more Tangle-a-Day calendar pages

I'm having fun working in the Tangle-a-Day calendar. Sometimes it gets ahead of me and I'll admit that the February 25-27 page remains blank. Now, when I'm in the swing of it, I'll work ahead a bit. It's my book and I'll do what I want. :)

Here are some of the pages I've done thus far that are perhaps a little unusual.
February 1-3 - I love Paradox, and all the wonderful variations!
February 7-9 - Houses with funky chimneys. :)
February 16-18 - "Outside the box"
February 28 - I thought I'd try to copy the tile illustration. At least the flower made it.
March 1-3 - All Romanancy. I love the 3D effects possible with this tangle.
March 4-6 - "Tangles where the gray mid-tone is critical."
March 19-21 - My first time trying Tofube. It was especially fun doing the numbers.


  1. Such a fun post - so many clever things you get up to in those 3 little boxes. I particularly like the 'Outside the box' page and thank you for the reminder about Romancy - a great tangle I always seem to forget about!

  2. Simply wonderful! I love the variations and thinking outside the box. You’ve given me some new ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dear Margaret, thank you for this inspiring post!! I love especially the Paradox page, Romanancy... I never tried yet😳, now I will!!
    My TAD calendar got stuck in February... I hope to continue in April... Happy Easter to you!

  4. What an inspiring post! I love the trio's of theme and the outside-the-box page is brilliant. Thanks for sharing 😍