Thursday, March 8, 2018

Tangle Doppelgänger

Tangles: Black Pearlz, OoF, Zenith
Recently on the Zentangle blog Maria floated the idea of a tangle doppelgänger, a tangle that represents you in some way. I easily thought of 'go to' tangles and favorite tangles, but those are not tangles that represent me somehow. It took some thought. 

This was my response:

Three tangles that you’ll find in almost anything I do are Printemps, Tipple, and Black Pearlz. But those are go-to tangles, not doppelgängers. Naming my favorite tangle is like trying to nail jelly to the wall. My favorite tangles are constantly changing, and they aren’t doppelgängers either.
What tangle is LIKE ME… hmmm…
My mind is Fengle, way too much going on and constantly taking off in another direction. (I was just now able to see some beauty in that, rather than a frustrating annoyance.)
My heart is like Zentangle itself, interested in other points of view.
My eyesight, without my glasses, is OoF (Out of Focus).
My drawing hand is Paradox; very controlled gets the best results.
My house is Dust Bunny.

More about those tangles...

FENGLE was introduced by Zentangle in March 2012 and I immediately liked it. So many possibilities! You can find the steps here (scroll down).
A whole page of Fengle in my 2018 Tangle-a-Day calendar.

OoF was introduced by Zentangle in May 2011 and it took several tries before I got it. You can find the steps, and the story of its name, here (again, scroll down). There's a more elaborate OoF at the top of this blog post.
Basic OoF on February 21 in my 2018 Tangle-a-Day calendar.

PARADOX - sometimes called Rick's Paradox - was introduced by Zentangle in February 2008. Maria's step-outs are in their newsletter here. Some years ago I posted a "Paradox and then some" tutorial which you can find here.
Paradox with some highlighted stripes.

DUST BUNNY is one of my tangles, and has only two steps which can be found at this link. I sometimes use it for clouds although it's usually found under the sofa!
Dust Bunny, with Flux, Marasu, Tipple.


  1. This is a lovely post to read Margaret, a smile appeared on my face while reading and of course, I always enjoy to see your wonderful art!
    Thank you very much for sharing so many of your ideas!

  2. You are a zentangle Margaret, complex and beautiful. Never the same yet reliable, exciting.

  3. Love this post - will have to introspection as well, but Dust Bunny and OOF must also be some of mine for the same reasons :)

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about how you determined your Tangle Döppelgangers! I've been musing over this since Maria's blog post too. Such beautiful examples you've posted! And you prompted me to rediscover Fengle which I dearly love. I ALWAYS enjoy your posts, Margaret, and am grateful for the time you spend creating them. :)

    1. Thank you Jan! I found I had to start by thinking of some quality I think I have and then what tangle could represent it.