Sunday, June 24, 2018

Cadent squared follow-up

I've been seeing some wonderful work inspired by my recent post Cadent squared, a simple tangleation of Cadent that creates lots of wonderful variations.

Here's a page from Anita Westin's Tangle-a-Day calendar showing the original curvy Cadent and a number of Cadent squared variations.
If the pattern is drawn large enough, the sections can be Aura'd inside, and another tangle drawn there. Here is an example from Jani Romero, a student of CZT Jan Brandt.
Marguerite Samama, a CZT in the Netherlands, sent me a picture of something she did using triangles for Cadent instead of squares. She's used circles for the initial points of reference and then done the connecting lines with a jog in them, as I showed in my earlier post. Quite a different look!

Here are some different variations from Tomàs Padrós, a tangler in Spain. Going from more detail in the center to less at the perimeter makes a very interesting tile.

I had a few more tries in my Tangle-a-Day calendar.


  1. Posting this on behalf of Tomàs Padrós who was having difficulty doing so:
    Hi Margaret. I've seen your blog and I'm very grateful. Cadent squared is one of those fantastic tangles that invite you to play with them. How many versions and what interesting variations I've seen in your post. My sincere thanks to you for your consideration and delighted to share this space with you and with Anita Westin, Marguerite Samama and Jani Romero. This is a luxury. 😄