Sunday, July 22, 2018

Splat starts

It's quite interesting to take monoprints of paint drips and then see what you can see in them. A year and a half ago the Diva had a challenge she called "Spill It" which I quite enjoyed. You can see my tiles for that here.

Recently I had some paint drips from another project I was doing so I pressed two tiles onto them and let them dry. One looked liked birds, the other like bugs.

I also had some leftover, more-dilute paint that gave a very watercolor-y effect. As you may know, I'm quite partial to trees. :)
Almost no ink work here, just colored pencil.
Tangles: D'Uni, Elirob turned inside-out, Tipple
One tile looked off-center so I tried something I'd done recently (and more successfully the first time!).
Tangles: Knase, Prestwood, Tortuca, Tripoli 
Last was a very dark tile, lots of dark browns and greens, and two circular forms.
Tangles: Marasu (sort of, maybe), Pearlz


  1. Oh - these are wonderful Margaret. I often 'see' things in backgrounds but don't quite have the confidence to tease them out. I think anything representational scares me that it won't look right!

    But you do it so gently, so well. I especially love the birds, the second tree and the final one, which made me think of jade bangles or snakes or both!

    1. One key, for me, is to embrace of the wonky and not aim for normal reality. :-)
      Like feathers floating around bugs. A cubist-type view where you see two sides of the same thing. That sort of thing.
      Give it a go and don’t expect anything from yourself. Just have fun.

  2. I love your ingenuity! I will do some splats soon and see what happens. Thanks for the idea, Margaret. I love all your posts.

  3. I LOVE seeing what YOU see in a paint drip!! I would love to have seen the befores too. You amaze me, Margaret. :)

    1. Thank you Jan! I often do take ‘before’ photos, just in case. Sometimes I forget, and that’s usually the time I wish I had one!

  4. I fell in love with the last one, very original and beautiful colours!!!