Tuesday, September 25, 2018


I’ve been fascinated by tessellations for quite some time and finally got around to trying some myself. My first effort was in my Tangle-a-Day calendar and it turned out far better than I expected!
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Crescent Moon, Knightsbridge, Tipple, Tri-dots
My second try was equally delightful. I wasn't sure about adding so much green - there was a little in the eco-dyed paper - but I think it adds a lot.
"Green Light"
(c)2018 Margaret Bremner
approx. 5"x8" on eco-dyed paper; pen-and-ink, colored pencil
I started another, thinking to do something with trees, but it looked more like a simple repeating image. I think there isn't enough intermingling of the shapes. Not sure what will happen with it; maybe it will become bookmarks!

Here's one on terraskin paper using the same shape I used in my calendar. The central one isn't white but highly reflective silver.

And most recently, "Great Big Sea", again on eco-dyed paper.
"Great Big Sea"
(c)2018 Margaret Bremner
approx. 5.5"x8.5" on eco-dyed paper; pen-and-ink, colored pencil
The basic shape here is more sprawl-y than the others and you may not be able to see it right away. This is what I was working with.

Tessellations are another huge area of pattern making and I expect I'll continue to explore it.


  1. Glad to see you this topic coming up for discussion. I've used the technique cited here < http://www.tessellations.org/methods-diy-papercut.shtml > at a STEM Girl Scout Camp with girls as young as 2nd grade. All ages LOVED it. Rather than using a stencil, this technique also works by cutting through 2 pieces of card stock at the same time so they have identical cuts.

  2. Oh, Margaret ~ I love these, especially the Great Big Sea. Those colors speak to me.

  3. Fantastic pieces Margaret. My favourite is Great Big Sea. Just the colouring and the movement really appeals to me.

    I can't imagine how you start something like this. I'm presuming you pencil in the shapes then fill them with tangles, but how on earth to you get the tessellating shapes to start with...?

    1. See Linda’s comment above with a link to one method.
      I’ve been using a different cut paper method, starting with a square and extending two sides. Then using tracing paper to get the pattern going.

    2. Thanks to you and Linda for pointing me in the right direction - I now have another area to explore!