Wednesday, October 31, 2018

13 days of InkTober

I had planned to do the prompts from Inktober on tile-sized paper and the list of tangles for the month in my Tangle-a-Day calendar. However, I got a nasty cold and was left with a barking cough and little energy. I came around later in the month but the calendar was abandoned.

October 1: POISON
I was not happy with this first effort.
Tangles: All Boxed Up, Cirquital, Crescent Moon, SlowPoke
But here's my calendar for the first three days using tangle prompts. I did a few random other days but for some reason didn't keep up with this.

October 6: DROOLING
Tangles: Diva Dance and Auras
October 8: STAR
Done on a Travelling Tangle Project tile from I can't remember who (apologies!).

After a long break I got back into it. I think I wasn't that inspired by the prompts and, granted, I was sick for about a week and a half!

October 20: BREAKABLE
Done on half-white, half-black paper with white and black and gray inks.
Tangles: Cracked Windows, Rain
October 21: DRAIN
Done on 3.5" eco-dyed paper.
Tangles: Printemps, Tipple
October 22: EXPENSIVE
Done on 3.5" eco-dyed paper. I used gold ink for Printemps in the background; I love the gold on tan.

October 23: MUDDY
Done on a Travelling Tangle Project tile from Toby Schwarz. He did the tea-staining, the two Gneisses and some Seawave, and I did the rest.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Diva Dance, Gneiss, Seawave, Tipple
and lots of Auras
October 25: PRICKLY
Done on an eco-dyed tile. It's not quite this dull but it is rather dark.
Tangles: Tipple... sort of?
October 27: THUNDER
Tangles: Crescent Moon, Pearlz, Prestwood variation
October 28: GIFT
Done on 4.5" eco-dyed paper and begun many months ago. Includes gold acrylic paint peels.
Tangles: Diva Dance, Finery, Hollibaugh, Icantoo, Leaflet,
Opus, Pearlz, Tipple

October 29: DOUBLE
I've been interested in the Japanese concept of Notan for some time and have been investigating it a little recently. It seemed like an excellent way to "double". I decided to do one in strict black and white, and to add color to the other.
Tangles: Auras, Black Pearlz and lots of lines!
And that's all folks!


  1. All wonderful - but I think Thunder is my favourite. It really captures the maelstrom of a storm.