Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Zentangle spinner

This year's Twelve Days of Zentangle was a project to create a tangle spinner. I got the Project Pack #4 from Zentangle, but it can be done on other surfaces, and the videos can be followed in any order. The twelve days video series begins here.

My project pack contained Light Olive and Light Blue water-soluable pencils. There are a lot of colors available so it's a surprise what you receive!
The project pack contains two papers, two plastic spinners,
two colored pencils, a 01 black pen, a pencil, and tortillon,
and a watercolor brush.
I wanted my tangles to be black and white so I put color in other areas.

I wanted to include mainly tangles that I really like but sometimes forget.

The alphabet ring immediately made me think of doing tangles beginning with those letters, so that's how I proceeded, rather than wedge by wedge. This worked for most of the spinner but towards the end there were tangles I wanted to include but no letter-appropriate space, so it's not strictly alphabetical.

As "no surface is safe" the corners are tangled, too. There's gold ink to two of the rings, and one totally messed up section that I left alone because there are no mistakes. I didn't do shading until all the ink drawing was done. I finished by painting the surface with matte acrylic varnish. Here's my completed spinner:


  1. Wowzers - that's a beauty. Having enjoyed marvelling at all the spinners that were filled with ZTHQ's video recommendations it's wonderful to see one tangled off-piste! Many of my favourites here too!

  2. Margaret, I LOVE that you chose your own tangles with which to fill your spinner! I plan to do that on my second one. :) What an exciting, dramatic, gorgeous piece of art you have created. The thin ring + 2 random spots of color on the inside as well as the lovely corners make the whole thing sing! As always, thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Jan! The idea with providing two papers was that people could follow along with the videos first, then tangle their own ideas on the second. I inadvertently jumped ahead of the game.

  3. I love this! You used a triangle motif for all the border/ribbon sections how cool is that! And using alphabetical tangles is a great idea too. Lovely!

  4. it was a nice challenge and I love your spinner. As you wrote in the pack there were 2 spinners, so I followed the daily challeng to fill the first one and the second is already with my faves!
    Hope to see lot of your work in 2019 and wish you and your family all the best!