Thursday, December 13, 2018

ZIA Ideas - Tree trunks

In my on-going, randomly occasional, posts about tangles that can be used in Zentangle-inspired artwork, here are some tangles that I've used for

CRUZE from CZT Caren Mlot. Find step-outs here (scroll down).
"Meteor Shower" - 9 cm. square
(c) Margaret Bremner
DIVA DANCE from Zentangle, for CZT Laura Harms. Find step-outs at this link.
"A Windy Day" - 9 cm. square
(c)2018 Margaret Bremner
PRESTWOOD from Margaret Bremner. Find step-outs at this link
Shown below is a variation of this tangle.
"Splendiferous" - 9 cm. square
(c)2018 Margaret Bremner
ZANDER from Zentangle. Watch Molly draw it in this video link (about halfway through the video).

There are many tangles that begin with a zigzag line - angular or curving - and could be used for a tree trunk:
HIBRED (from Zentangle): in the Zentangle newsletter here.
PUFFLE from CZT Sandy Hunter. Find step-outs at this link. Scroll way down.
WUD from CZT Joni Feddersen, and a 'ribbon' variation of mine, can be found at this link.
ZEDBRA (from Laura Harms and Margaret Bremner): earlier on my blog here.
ZEWM (from CZT Amy Broady): on Amy's blog here.
KNASE (from Zentangle): I recently learned that this is pronounced 'nase' not 'naze' or 'k-naze' (which I'd been saying for years). Pictured below. Step-out from CZT Holly Atwater, with thanks! 
"Black Walnut" - 9 cm. square
(c)2018 Margaret Bremner
Knase step-out courtesy of CZT Holly Atwater, with thanks!

PALM TREES are somewhat different and sometimes have a more square grid look. I don't see palm trees much where I live, so I don't draw them often. From left to right here is Beelight, a variation of 'Nzeppel, sort of Purk, and Tortuca (all from Zentangle).
"Baobab Fantasia" - 9 cm. square
(c)2018 Margaret Bremner

No doubt you can think of lots of other possibilities!


  1. Margaret, I am always entertained by your art! I have to say I am partial to trees and houses. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Terri Y, CZT16

  2. What awesome inspiration! I adore your art!