Thursday, January 17, 2019

In my Book: frontispiece and old photos

There is a page at the front of the book with a few pale gray lines and a pre-strung border box. I filled it with black and gray tangles, then decided to add a color border at the edge of the page. The very last thing I did on it was to write my name.
The colored tangles are muted with a pale gray brush pen.
The name was written with a calligraphy marker pen.
The dark 'blob' at the bottom isn't. It's metal leaf and really rather bright!
I've seen some lovely artwork using old photographs and wanted to try something similar. I have collected some old photos and chose a few that seemed to go together. I didn't realize it at the time, but whaddaya know?!?! all the photos I chose include my father's mother!
Tangles: Jonqal, Scena, Wunderwall
In addition to pen-and-ink I used washi tape and scrapbook ornamental bits.
Along the left edge you can see the previous page under the scalloped edge.


  1. very creative. I am wanting to take a class with you. I took Zentangle classes with Sandra in Calgary 2012-2013. She recommended you

  2. Beautiful artwork and composition as usual Margaret. 💖. I love the idea of a tangled book of memorable photos!

  3. Somehow I missed this post in January! An amazing collection of photos & tangles. Are the flowers "painted" by you or ...? Beautiful effect. :)

    1. Jan, the flowers are cut from wide washi tape, a finicky process bit got the look I wanted!