Thursday, January 24, 2019

Space junk in my Book

Space junk. Junk from my art space. This is how the page began.
All collage except the yellow stripe which is Zig marker. Left to right:
Two strips from the edge of another piece.
Part of a flower from a piece I didn't finish.
A strip of holographic ribbon.
A watercolor-y experiment on terraskin.
I had divided the page vertically, and filled some spaces, then realized that the left side was too empty. I hunted down more space junk: a couple of squares from a grid of irises that I never completed.

No more collage but more tangling, and it's coming along nicely.

Here's the finished page. I'm rather pleased with it, considering I had no idea how it might develop.
Main tangles, left to right: Pixioze, Knightsbridge, some flower thing I made up,
d'Uni, Knightsbridge again (in color, and with dots),
Blooming Butter/Crescent Moon/Morse/Tipple/Tridots,
4Fun variation, Tipple, MySwing


  1. Wow - seeing that develop, stage by stage, is incredible. If you described all that in one place I wouldn't imagine it could work - but it does. Well done! Great to use pieces from abandoned projects too - I'll bookmark that idea!

    1. It's interesting to start like this, and have to develop around some elements.

  2. Wow! What an interesting idea, margaret! I love this! Now my wheels are spinning. Hahahaha! Thanks for this post! ❤️

  3. Love this, so very creative and beautiful!

  4. This absolutely amazes me, Margaret!! When I look at your first photo, I see ONLY what's there. YOU, on the other hand, obviously also see what COULD be there! I so want to develop that kind of vision. :) Your sharing your path from start to "finish" is so helpful (and again, amazing) for me to witness! I so appreciate the time you take to post your journeys. :)

    1. Thanks Jan! I often intend to write "process" posts but then I've finished the thing before taking any photos!