Wednesday, February 13, 2019

In my Book: a sunflower and the flower of life

More pages in my Book. This project has rather taken over my life. :S

Sunflower meditation. I had done something like this at one of the OgunquiTangle retreats and found the quotation online. I liked the piece and it's been sold, so I did a reprise in my Book.

I've done work based on the Flower of Life pattern, so I did a page with that design. I added the hummingbird when I found it among my Art Stuff. It's a nod to another hummingbird I added to another flower-of-life piece.

Here's the smaller, earlier piece, on a zendala tile:


  1. Thank you for being a continual inspiration to us aspiring Zentanglests, Margaret. Let us know how we can acquire your book and how you went about getting it made. I'm a believer in color as the magical ingredient for the "pop" that Maria and Rick always annotate their tutorials (mostly through shading). How you use color could be an interesting lesson for the Enthusiast.
    Best, George Weiss CZT32

    1. Thank you George!
      This book I'm doing is one of those nice books with lovely paper, intended as a sketchbook or journal. But I don't do either of those, so I'm using it as kind of a record and idea book. I'm doing a page for each of various techniques, subjects, projects that I've done as well as things I'd like to investigate more in the future.
      I don't envisage it being published.

  2. Beautiful! Do you draw with colored pens then fill in with colored pencil? Your work is always intriguing to me. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, Terri, I do the pen drawing first. I rarely like gray shading on anything but black or gray ink so I use colored pencil to shade colored ink.