Thursday, March 28, 2019

7-circuit labyrinth

During the decade-plus that I focused on mandalas, one thing I investigated was labyrinths. So, of course, one page in my Book had to be a labyrinth. I chose a 7-circuit one as they are simple to construct and way easier to skew to fit a space than the Chartres variety!

I had done two pages intended to be cling-wrap patterns, but this paper doesn't seem to like that idea at all! I had two rather unappealing pages so I decided to use them for subject matter I want to include.

This is the beginning wash with the penciled lines of a labyrinth.

I expanded the labyrinth design to fill a wider space, and to work with some of the lines in the wash. Then I outlined it in copper ink.

I drew the dividing lines of the labyrinth and tangled the background.

A few more details, and shading with various colors of pencil, and here is the finished page.
If you're interested in labyrinths I've done a couple of other posts about them here and here.


  1. This is so beautiful, Margaret. I love your art!

  2. Amazing piece - it makes me think of a brain. The mind of the artist? I love the way you incorporated details of the wash into the design - those dark red lines and yellow blobs. Wonderful!

  3. You always continue to inspire Margaret! I regularly visit your blog to read past postings and have learned a lot of useful things to try in my own Zentangle practice I am all the better for it! Thank you for what you do! MattskiCZT on Mosaic